Book 6

Mail Order Mister

A farmer's daughter, a man of means, and a secret engagement that involves their hearts as much as their future.

Willa Brown rushes from her apprenticeship as a dressmaker in Texas to rescue her family’s farm, only to find her beloved Westwind has suffered yet another catastrophe—this time in the form of a fire. While she works to figure out how to save her father’s dream from debt collectors, the town works to rebuild. Willa knows she needs money, so the prospect of a mail-order groom is brought up by her grandmother, but she isn’t sure she has it in her to marry a stranger simply to save her family’s livelihood.

Enter Harrison Holt, a Titan of Industry, who comes to town in order to invest in Westwind’s reconstruction. He not only plans to supply the necessary bricks for the rebuilding, but to establish his ninth brickyard in the town. There’s only one problem with his plan, he needs to convince the tenacious Willa Brown to sell him a portion of her family’s land. That’s easier said than done. She counters with an unexpected offer—marriage. After Willa’s grandmother secretly places her mail-order advert, an admirer from Willa’s past shows up, threatening to destroy everything Willa and Harrison have worked for.

Can Willa save her family’s farm in time? Will Harrison stay in Westwind and fight for Willa? And will they find a way to be together despite all their obstacles?

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What readers say...

I get lost in the world of romance when I read Jenna's books. A world she has created and I do not like to leave. You will be surprised at how easily you will slip into this world.

Cindy Williams, Longtime Reader


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