Mail Order Mix-Up

Check out the Mail Order Mix-Up Series from bestselling author, Jennifer Branson. An amazing mail-order bride series about women venturing out West to make new lives for themselves. What happens when they decide to take a chance on love along the way? From aspiring Pinkerton Agents, to farmer’s daughters, to pampered debutantes, this series has all sorts of brides, filling each story with humor, romance, adventure, and faith.

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Recommended Reading Order

Mail Order Misfit
Book 1
Mail Order Misstep
Book 2
Mail Order Miscast
Book 3
Mail Order Misaim
Book 4
Mail Order Misplay
Book 5
Mail Order Mister
Book 6
Mail Order Mishap
Book 7
Mail Order Mix-Up Series Books 1-3
Box Set 1-3
Mail Order Mix-Up Series Books 4-7
Box Set 4-7
Mail Order Mix-Up Series Complete Set
Box Set 1-7
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