Book 4

Mail Order Misaim

A rejected bookworm seeking a new life, a Pinkerton Agent wanting revenge for his brother's death, and an investigation that ties them together.

Nadine Bradford’s brother has turned her out, claiming he can’t afford to take care of the bookworm spinster a moment longer now that he’s married and has a family of his own. With nothing left to lose, Nadine answers a mail-order bride advert by the Pinkerton Agency. The only problem, they expect her to marry a man to work her first case.

Josiah Bell is a seasoned agent, and he’s avoided the preposterous mail-order marriages that have been thrust on his fellow agents lately. He’s not the marrying sort, and has even less patience to have to put up with a needy woman, even if it is for a case. But when his brother is killed and the only way to solve the crime is by accepting Nadine as his wife, Josiah gives in to find vengeance.

What happens when they both realize that their relationship could be more than just a short-lived partnership? Will they decide a real marriage is worth the risk? And will Josiah be able to avenge his brother’s murder in time to keep it from happening to anyone else?

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What readers say...

I get lost in the world of romance when I read Jenna's books. A world she has created and I do not like to leave. You will be surprised at how easily you will slip into this world.

Cindy Williams, Longtime Reader


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