Book 3

Mail Order Miscast

A pampered daughter on the run, a rogue with an elaborate plan, and a relationship neither of them saw coming.

Vivian Humble can’t believe her father has arranged for her to marry his business partner. The man is nearly as old as her father and just as shrewd. He’s played on her father’s good nature to convince him that he’ll take care of his daughter. Vivian knows he can’t because she’s heard the rumors of him sneaking around with numerous women of ill-repute. She can’t tie herself to a man like that, so she secretly plans to run away as a mail-order bride.

Riker—just Riker—has finally escaped the clutches of the law. His life as a scoundrel and crook has made him a handful of powerful friends and a bucket load of enemies. After using up the last of his favors, he needs one big payday to start a new life south of the border. When he encounters a jilted mail-order bride, he talks her into becoming his wife in order to complete his facade. Once he’s finished with his final hustle, he can ditch her and the Dakota Territory forever. The only problem with that plan, he can’t seem to stop himself from developing real feelings for his gorgeous wife.

Can Vivian learn to trust Riker? Will Riker choose love over his big plans? And what will happen when their past troubles collide?

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What readers say...

It is always exciting to get a new book by Jenna Brandt. I love her stories about super heroes, commonly called first responders, law enforcement or rescuers. I can depend on her stories to be humorous, romantic and faith-based.

Margie Harris, Advanced Reader


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