Book 3

Lawfully Forgiven

Emmett Moreley has been a Texas Ranger for the past three years, after moving out west to make a name for himself.

HIs latest assignment is to apprehend the Beckett Gang, the outlaws responsible for robbing trains throughout the state of Texas. Ready for his big chance to prove he’s capable of running his own posse, Emmett receives a tip that the gang plans to rob a train near Rockwood Springs. He sets a trap, preparing to make his arrest. But when things go wrong, he is left chagrined, with only a strikingly beautiful woman with amnesia as a clue as to where the bandits will strike next.

Naomi Rutherford doesn’t know who she is or where she came from. When she wakes up on a train with no memories of her life or why she is there, she is confused and scared. To make matters worse, an annoying Texas Ranger is accusing her of being in a train robbery gang. Refusing to believe she doesn’t know anything, he forces her to go with him as he continues to track down the outlaws.

Emmett and Naomi try to fight the attraction between them, but the more time they spend together, the deeper their connections grows.

What will happen when Naomi remembers her past? Will it reveal her to be the angel they both hope, or the devil they both fear?

*This book was previously published under Jennifer Branson’s other pen name, Jenna Brandt.

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What readers say...

Ms. Brandt is a full-blown master of her craft and will be recognized as such by all who read her works. The author keeps you on the edge of your seat with plot twists and turns combined with emotional ups and downs. Prepare yourself for a fantastic reading experience.

B.,D. MANN, Longtime Reader


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