Book 1

The Billionaire’s Duty

Liliana is trying to escape the stuffy royal world while Maxwell is trying to escape his responsibilities as the Crown Prince, but an arranged relationship changes everything...

Maxwell Gerard Beaumont will inherit the throne and have to be an example for his people, but he doesn’t want to the pressure of the life he was destined for. He prefers to spend his days partying on his family’s super-yacht. But when he gets in trouble, his parents demand he accept an arranged marriage to a woman he wants nothing to do with.

Lady Liliana Lockhart grew up in the royal world of Triola, but once she was able to escape the constricting lifestyle, she did. Now, she spends her time volunteering in other parts of the world. All of that changes when her father informs her that she is to marry the crown prince.

**This book was previously published under the title, Royally Matched. There has been slight changes in the content to change the setting to an island in the North Atlantic Ocean.

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What readers say...

Ms. Brandt is a full-blown master of her craft and will be recognized as such by all who read her works. The author keeps you on the edge of your seat with plot twists and turns combined with emotional ups and downs. Prepare yourself for a fantastic reading experience.

B.,D. MANN, Longtime Reader


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The Billionaire's Duty
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