Book 2

The Billionaire’s Reunion

A billionaire with a new heart of gold, his secret ex who has come back for revenge, a high school reunion that will change them forever.

Spencer Wilmington was the high school quarterback and Molly Price was his school assigned English tutor. What started out as a forced arrangement turned into a secret romantic connection which ends horribly wrong.

Ten years later, Molly returns home to Echo Island with a college degree, established journalism career, and a hot, new boyfriend. She wants to show everyone-especially Spencer-what a great life she has made for herself. Her 10-year high school reunion is the perfect place to do it. Molly also has a secret agenda. Set on revenge, she’s determined to prove Spencer is guilty of underhanded deals.

Spencer’s not the cocky jock Molly once knew, he’s now a noble defense attorney, a volunteer at the local boys’ and girls’ club, a deacon in the church, not to mention a self-made billionaire. Worried his smoldering blue eyes and perfect dimples can still make her weak in the knees, she suggests a double date to keep him at arm’s length, but that’s easier said than done.

**Previously published under the title, Rekindled. This book has had minor changes including the title to reflect a billionaire hero and the location has been moved to a fictional island.

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What readers say...

It is always exciting to get a new book by Jenna Brandt. I love her stories about super heroes, commonly called first responders, law enforcement or rescuers. I can depend on her stories to be humorous, romantic and faith-based.

Margie Harris, Advanced Reader


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