Book 10

Flaming Her Affection

Firefighter Anthony Martel and his son need a fresh start.. He hopes moving across the country will help them escape their haunted past.

It’s not easy getting over the loss of his wife, especially when Anthony has his five-year-old son to raise on his own. He flees to Faith Valley seeking a fresh start for himself and his young son. Little does he know, the small town holds dark secrets and a gorgeous brunette who tempts him into abandoning his vow of singlehood. But as he begins to unravel the rumors surrounding her past and her ties to the wealthy West family, Anthony questions if she is truly worth risking everything for.

Marissa Swanson’s search for the perfect man, under the watchful eye of her demanding family, has left her with a reputation that repels any potential suitors. Even her best friend is starting to distance herself. But just as Marissa decides to change her ways and prove her worth, a mysterious figure by the name of Anthony Martel enters her life – saving her from a deadly fire. As sparks start to fly between them, Marissa can’t help but wonder: why did fate bring this stranger into her life at such an inopportune moment? And what secrets does he and his son hold that could turn her world upside down?

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What readers say...

Ms. Brandt is a full-blown master of her craft and will be recognized as such by all who read her works. The author keeps you on the edge of your seat with plot twists and turns combined with emotional ups and downs. Prepare yourself for a fantastic reading experience.

B.,D. MANN, Longtime Reader


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