Novella 1

The Wedding Rescue

A search and rescue firefighter is a groomsman, one of the bridesmaids is avoiding him, and a storm causes them to get stuck together at the wedding…

Firefighter Derik Cruise used to have a woman to love, but he had to move to pursue his dream of being a K9 handler at an elite search and rescue force. Now, he’s been asked to be a groomsmen at a wedding where she’s going to be a bridesmaid. The moment he sees her, he realizes he still loves her, but all she does is avoid him.

Aspen Sinclair’s heart was broken by a man who picked a badge over her. She’s avoided dating ever since, not wanting to take another risk. She thought she built up enough walls to keep from getting hurt again, but when Derik walks back into her life, she realizes she never got over him.

Will Derik be able to tear down the walls around her heart? Can she let go of the past to make room for a new future? And will they survive the storm raging all around them?

What readers say...

I get lost in the world of romance when I read Jenna's books. A world she has created and I do not like to leave. You will be surprised at how easily you will slip into this world.

Cindy Williams, Longtime Reader


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