Book 19

The Boss’s Baby Rescue

A rookie search and rescue firefighter, the DCSRA division head who also happens to be a new mother, and a pyromaniac with a grudge to settle.

Carter Reid finally landed his dream job as an instructor at DCSRA, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. His best friend’s widow left town without a word, leaving him to wonder what he did wrong. What he doesn’t expect is to find her serving as his new boss.

Nora Parker can’t believe the way her life turned out. One moment she’s working as a fire captain alongside her husband in Boston, and the next, the building comes down on him, destroying both their lives. To make it even more tragic, she finds out a month after his death she’s pregnant with his child. Escape seems like the best option, so after the birth, she accepts a job as the head of the fire division for DCSRA only to find out her husband’s best friend, Carter, has a job at the academy, too.

What will happen when Carter and Nora are forced to work together? Will they finally give into the feelings that manifested during their loss? And will they be able to stop the arsonist who has followed them from Boston, set on revenge?

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What readers say...

It is always exciting to get a new book by Jenna Brandt. I love her stories about super heroes, commonly called first responders, law enforcement or rescuers. I can depend on her stories to be humorous, romantic and faith-based.

Margie Harris, Advanced Reader


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