Book 3

Small Town Smarty

Charlie Buckworth is the latest rookie at the new Hero Search and Rescue Academy. He’s always dreamed of one day being a K9 handler, but he’s been saddled with an enormous Newfoundland who seems determined to make sure Charlie doesn’t graduate. Add to that, he’s pretty sure the B&B he’s staying at is haunted, and there’s a strict yet stunning librarian hounding him about hefty late fees for a book he borrowed over a decade ago. All Charlie wants to do is borrow a book on how to manage his mischievous pup and read it without being disturbed by ghosts.

Taylor Klein never quite fit in with city life. She’s perfectly content keeping up the small library in her hometown after college. All she needs is her books and a cup of tea and her day is complete. So when a certain handsome K9 handler comes in, trying to sweet talk his way out of his late fees, she won’t stand for it. He needs to take responsibility just like everyone else – and no, taking her on a date won’t do. But Taylor is starting to find it hard to resists his charms.

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What readers say...

It is always exciting to get a new book by Jenna Brandt. I love her stories about super heroes, commonly called first responders, law enforcement or rescuers. I can depend on her stories to be humorous, romantic and faith-based.

Margie Harris, Advanced Reader


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