Book 5

Small Town Sash

Braden Harding was determined to go down in history as the greatest K9 handler the Air Force had ever seen, and that meant graduating top of his class at the Hero Search and Rescue Academy. What he doesn’t expect is to get thrown headfirst into small town politics, and compelled to judge a beauty pageant he couldn’t care less about. Even though he tries to keep himself from getting too involved, Braden can’t help but feel drawn to the star contestant.

Hadley Wilder was born with a tiara on her head, or at least that’s what her mother has told her since she could remember. She was put in every obscure beauty pageant under the sun from Fried Green Tomato Queen to Miss Million Dollar Legs. Only, Hadley wants to be known for more than just her looks. The problem is, no one’s willing to see her any differently until she meets a surprising judge, who doesn’t focus on what’s only skin deep.

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What readers say...

I get lost in the world of romance when I read Jenna's books. A world she has created and I do not like to leave. You will be surprised at how easily you will slip into this world.

Cindy Williams, Longtime Reader


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