By Any Beans Necessary

What do a barista and a bartender have in common? Nothing if you ask these two mortal enemies...

Michelle Kenney loves her cozy corner of nirvana…or as everyone else calls it, The Coffee Loft on Main Street. She’s great at greeting every customer with a warm smile and friendly hello, listening and offering advice when asked, and making the strongest cup of java you can find. But if there is one thing that she isn’t so great at, it’s dating. Her broken picker always manages to go for the very worst kind of guy.

At the top of that list is Jeff Parker; a gruff bartender who seems more likely to start a scuffle than break one up, which causes Michelle to do a double take when she overhears he’s joining the local search and rescue academy.

All Jeff Parker wants is a beer in his hand, a football game on the TV, and enough tips to tide him over until his next payday. But lately, he’s wondering if there’s more to life than just serving liquor and picking up on local barflies. After seeing his two best friends turn their lives around for the better, it finally dawns on Jeff that maybe it’s time for him to make some changes, too. Of course, he knows everyone in town will think he’s crazy when he tells them he wants to become a K9 handler, not least Michelle Kenney, the local coffee shop owner he dated and dumped after only a couple of weeks.

Will Michelle take a risk and give Jeff a second shot? Will Jeff be able to replace old habits with new ones and not go back to his old ways? And will these two foes find a way to laugh off their differences to make room for love?

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What readers say...

I get lost in the world of romance when I read Jenna's books. A world she has created and I do not like to leave. You will be surprised at how easily you will slip into this world.

Cindy Williams, Longtime Reader


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