Book 2

Rescue Agent for Sarah

Brody Stillwell grew up in South Africa, but his parents moved back to the U.S. when he was a teenager. Ever since he left, he missed the majestic beauty and the friendliness of the people in the captivating land. Two years ago, when the chance to return as a rescue agent with the Wild Animal Protection Agency presented itself, he accepted without hesitation. He’s proud of his excellent track-record of repelling poachers, but now his perfect streak is threatened when a group of criminals are targeting a herd of elephants.

When Sarah Foster booked an African safari tour as her next vacation, she had no idea it was going to lead to her being robbed and abandoned on the side of an isolated dirt road with hyenas and lions prowling nearby. Luckily, a handsome agent for a local animal protection group comes to her rescue, taking her to their facility where she finds out all about their work. While there, she finds herself not only falling for the endangered animals, but the rescue agent who does their protecting.

Will Brody open his heart to a city girl? Will Sarah decide to move her life to Africa? And will Brody be able to stop the poachers before time runs out?

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What readers say...

Ms. Brandt is a full-blown master of her craft and will be recognized as such by all who read her works. The author keeps you on the edge of your seat with plot twists and turns combined with emotional ups and downs. Prepare yourself for a fantastic reading experience.

B.,D. MANN, Longtime Reader


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