Lawfully Loved: Texas Sheriff

Lawfully Wanted: Bounty Hunter

Lawfully Forgiven: Texas Ranger

Lawfully Adored: K-9 Handler

Lawfully Wedded: K-9 Handler

Lawfully Treasured: SWAT Officer

Lawfully Dashing: Christmas Female Officer

Lawfully Devoted: Billionaire Bodyguard

Lawfully Avenged
U.S. Marshal Lucas Graham had been assigned to look into the deaths of several gold miners in Havilah, California. Though the job is routine, delivering the news to the murder victim’s proxy bride that her husband is dead is not. Neither is the growing attraction he feels for her as he tries to find out the truth of what happened to her husband.

Sadie Steele is running from the law straight into the arms of her childhood best friend, Sam Clayton. The only problem, when she arrives to start her new life with him, a Marshal informs her that he’s been murdered. With nothing to return to, Sadie stays to run her husband’s claim while she waits for the Marshal to avenge her husband’s death.

Will Lucas figure out what’s really going on in time to protect Sadie? Can Sadie find a way to make room in heart for a lawman? And what will happen when danger from the past and present collide?

Lawfully Devoted
Zach Turner is a dedicated search and rescue cop. The only wife he needs is his work wife, Aiden O'Connell, and his K-9 partner, Harley. That doesn't mean he's not into the ladies, because he totally is, but he doesn't want anything serious. Casually dating is more his speed, that is until he meets Erica Cruz through Aiden's girlfriend. Something about her intrigues Zach, but she wants nothing to do with him because of his playboy ways and lack of faith.

Erica Cruz has a great life. She enjoys spending time with her best friend, Lindsay, serving at church with the junior high kids, and working as a dental assistant. The only thing missing is a good, Christian man in her life. She's tried all the different ways of finding one from the church singles' group to online dating, but she's had nothing but bad luck. The worst of the worst is Zach, who she has avoided since she met him through Aiden, Lindsay's husband. He's done nothing but hit on her since they first met. All she wants to do is stay away from him, but fate has a different idea.

Erica never knew her father, so when he dies and leaves everything to her, she's surprised. But when she finds out her inheritance is worth billions, surprise turns into shock as her world turns upside down. To make matters more complicated, she starts receiving threats against her life. As she digs into her father's corrupt past, she realizes that money isn't the only thing she's inherited. She's also gained a massive list of her father's enemies and one of them is willing to kill her to set things right. Erica decides to reach out to her friends on the Clear Mountain Police Department, but the only person able to bodyguard her and go with her to Amsterdam to find out the truth, is Zach.

Can they find a way to get along for the sake of Erica's protection? Will they find out who is trying to harm her and why before it's too late? And will they finally give into the attraction that has been secretly simmering just below the surface?

Emmett Moreley has been a Texas Ranger for the past three years, after moving out west to make a name for himself. HIs latest assignment is to apprehend the Beckett Gang, the outlaws responsible for robbing trains throughout the state of Texas. Ready for his big chance to prove he's capable of running his own posse, Emmett receives a tip that the gang plans to rob a train near Rockwood Springs. He sets a trap, preparing to make his arrest. But when things go wrong, he is left chagrined, with only a strikingly beautiful woman with amnesia as a clue as to where the bandits will strike next. 

Naomi Rutherford doesn't know who she is or where she came from. When she wakes up on a train with no memories of her life or why she is there, she is confused and scared. To make matters worse, an annoying Texas Ranger is accusing her of being in a train robbery gang. Refusing to believe she doesn't know anything, he forces her to go with him as he continues to track down the outlaws. 

Emmett and Naomi try to fight the attraction between them, but the more time they spend together, the deeper their connections grows. What will happen when Naomi remembers her past? Will it reveal her to be the angel they both hope, or the devil they both fear?

Lawfully Dashing
Police Officer Brooke Patterson is dedicated to her calling to help others, despite having to deal with the difficulties of being female in a male-dominated profession. To help her de-stress from her job, Brooke's friends talk her into taking a vacation the weekend before Christmas. The trio head to Clear Mountain Resort to ski, spend time at the spa, and relax. When they arrive and their suite isn't ready, the front desk clerk suggests they go on a sleigh ride-a new feature of the resort. Little does Brooke know, the last-minute activity will change her life forever.

After a difficult tragedy, Liam Davis left his life in New York City three years ago. He ventured out west to find a new life in a new place, settling in Clear Mountain to start a horse-drawn sleigh company. He enjoys his remote home and job. The simplicity of taking guests on tours of Clear Mountain Resort is the only human contact Liam needs-that is until Brooke Patterson stumbles into his life.

When a blizzard hits and everyone is trapped in the lobby of the resort, Brooke and Liam get to know each other. Their growing friendship is interrupted though when someone steals items from one of the guest's rooms. Brooke is asked by the resort manager to discreetly figure out who did it before everyone finds out and it causes panic that a thief is hiding amongst them. 

Through the investigation, the aftermath, and the Christmas holidays, Liam stays by Brooke's side, proving to her not all men find a female officer intimidating. Some men find her appealing. 

Can Liam help Brooke to trust again? Can Brooke heal Liam's broken heart? Find out in this epic Christmas romance filled with a mystery, faith, and laughs.

Lawfully Treasured
Connor Bishop left his hometown, police substation, and church behind to take a prestigious position as the newest S.W.A.T. member for the Boulder Police Department. Though he loves the new job, he is lonely and feels out of place in the big city. He wonders if he made a mistake leaving Clear Mountain behind.

Hayley Hall grew up in Clear Mountain, but after having a devastating hurt in high school, she takes off to go to college. After getting her degree, she travel the world as an archeologist photographer. Her goal is to seek out hidden treasures from the past while forgetting her own, but when her mother gets hurt, Hayley is forced to come home and run the family newspaper.

Connor and Hayley went to high school together, but she was a wallflower and he didn't know who she was. Flash forward eight years, and at a chance encounter at a S.W.A.T. stand-off in Clear Mountain, and the two bump into each other while he is negotiating the situation and she is covering it for the Clear Mountain Gazette. She remembers him as the popular captain of the basketball team, but he still doesn't remember her. However, this time, he is taken in by her and wants to explore the connection between them.

Can these two people from vastly different worlds navigate a way to be together? Will Hayley give up her adventurous life to take a chance on Connor? And will Connor leave his dream job in order to return home and convince Hayley they can have a life together?

Aiden O'Connell is a decorated and dedicated K-9 handler, teamed with a dynamic faithful partner, Cooper. Lindsay is a compassionate social worker who cares deeply for the displaced children she helps. These two public servants decide to adopt a little boy and get married to raise him together. Share in their engagement, training to foster-to-adopt, his job as a police officer, her work as a social worker, their wedding, honeymoon, and many other surprises along the way.

But a huge obstacle threatens the home they built together when the little boy's abusive mother comes back into the picture. Lindsay and Aiden must depend on God to help them navigate the difficult situation. And what happens when that situation turns dangerous? Can the Clear Mountain Search and Rescue team save the day?

Aiden O'Connell is a decorated search and rescue K-9 officer in Clear Mountain, Colorado. His partner is a fierce and loyal German shepherd named Cooper and together they find missing hikers, lost children, and natural disaster victims. Even though his career is on track, he is still missing one piece in his life-a woman with whom he can share his success.

Lindsay Wright has a calling-to help displaced children find loving homes. As a social worker, she sees all sorts of situations that break her heart. She is so busy helping the children she is responsible for, she doesn't have time to date. But when chance encounters bring these two sacrificial people together, can they both make room for love? And when one of Lindsay's favorite kids goes missing, will Aiden be able to find him in time?

Lawfully Loved 
Jake "Bullseye" Bolton is a deputy sheriff out of Abilene, Texas, tasked with tracking down the infamous Grimes Brothers. When he is stranded outside Rockwood Springs, he encounters Rebecca Caldwell, whose family owns the local livery. Still healing from a broken past, Jake resists the strong attraction he feels for the prairie darling.

Rebecca has been too busy taking care of her family to think about love and marriage. At least that's what she tells herself, but deep down, she knows she is getting to the age she has to make a choice whether or not to pursue love. When Jake enters her life, she wonders if she is finally ready to do just that.

Sparks fly as they get to know each other over the course of a weekend during the town's anniversary celebration. But once Jake can travel again, he must continue his searcher the brothers. Shortly after leaving, he realizes the robbers are on their way to Rockwood Springs. Will Jake be able to get back to Rebecca and the town in time to save the people he has grown to care for? And when it's time for Jake to return to his life in Abilene, will he decide new love in worth fighting for?

Lawfully Wanted 
Levi Emerson and his partner, Clyde Forester, have been undercover for over a year chasing the ring leader of the largest cattle rustling group. After months of pursuit, they are closing in on their target, and looking forward to bagging their bounty. A paid informant has told them the the rustler's next target will be the Larsen Ranch in Rockwood Springs, Texas. When Levi arrives at the ranch, he poses as a cowboy in order to gain employment at the ranch and catch the cattle thief.

Abigail Larsen is the daughter of one of the largest cattle barons in all of Taylor, County Texas. She has just returned home from finishing school, and her father has plans for her to marry Andy Wilson, a local rancher and recent widower, in an attempt to expand the family's influence in the region. Though she wants to do her father's biding, the rumors of how Andy mistreated his first wife leaves Abigail worried about her future. 

When Levi and Abigail accidentally encounter each other on the ranch, the connection is instant, but they both know a relationship between them can never be due to their circumstances. Yet, as the couple continue to spend time together through various circumstances, the connection only deepens. 

Will Levi catch his wanted thief and collect his bounty? Will he tell Abigail the truth about who he is? And will Abigail choose to go against her father in order to be with the man she wants? Find out if these two star-crossed lovers can find a way to be together in this epic 1880s historical romance.

Other authors in the series: Lorana Hoopes, Ginny Sterling, Patricia PacJac Caroll, Evangeline Kelly, Barb Goss, and Elle E. Kay

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There’s just something fascinating about a man wearing an emblem of authority. The way the light gleams off that shiny star on his badge makes us stare with respect. Couple that with a uniform hugging his body in just the right way, confidence, and mission to save and protect, it’s no wonder we want to know what lies underneath.  
 Yes, what echoes deep inside those beating hearts is inspiring. Certainly appealing. Definitely enticing. Although those ripped muscles and strong shoulders can make a woman’s heart skip a beat—or two—it takes a strong, confident person to choose to love someone who risks it all every day. Anyone willing to become part of a lawkeeper’s world might have a story of their own to tell.  

The undeniable charisma lawmen possess make all of us pause and take note. It’s probably why there are so many movies and TV shows themed around the justice system. We’re captivated by their ability to save babies, help strangers, and rescue damsels in distress. We’re captivated by their ability to protect and save, defend the innocent, risk their lives, and face danger without hesitation. Of course, we expect our heroes to stay solid when we’re in a mess. We count on them for safety, security, and peace of mind. From yesterday to today, that truth remains constant.  Their valor inspires us, their integrity comforts, and their courage melts our hearts—irresistibly.  But there’s far more to them than their courageous efforts. How do they deal with the difficulties they face? Can they balance work and life? And how do they find time for love outside their life of service?   

We want to invite you on a journey—come with us as we explore the complex lives of the men and women who serve and protect us every day. Join us in a fast-paced world of adventure. Walk into our tight-knit world of close friendships, extended family, and danger—as our super heroes navigate the most treacherous path of all—the road to love.  

The Lawkeepers. Historical and modern-day super heroes; men and women of bravery and valor, taking love and law seriously. A multi-author series, sure to lock up your attention and take your heart into custody.