A widow returning to her hometown to state over, a cowboy who's been jaded by love. Can these two childhood sweethearts find a way to be each other's remedy?

June Hillman’s life was turned upside after the sudden death of her husband. The bank showed no mercy, quickly repossessing their family apothecary in Colorado. June, along with her toddler son, move back to her childhood home of Belle, ready to start over. When she returns, she finds not only has the town changed, but her first love, Daniel Wentworth. 

A broken engagement is enough to make any man swear off women, that is until Daniel walks into the new apothecary to find its run by his childhood sweetheart, June. She’s an unwanted distraction, threatening to take his focus not only from his wandering cowboy ways, but from his vow to never love again.

Will June find happiness back in Belle? Can Daniel find a way to trust again? And will they find a way to make a second go-of-it and be the remedy for each other's broken heart?

A farmer's daughter and man of means end up striking a secret deal together—a deal that involves their hearts as much as their future...

Willa Brown rushes from her apprenticeship as a dressmaker in Texas to rescue her family's farm, only to find her beloved Silverpines has suffered yet another catastrophe—this time in the form of a fire. While she works to figure out how to save her father’s dream from debt collectors, the town works to rebuild.

Enter Harrison Holt, a Titan of Industry, who comes to town in order to invest in Silverpines' reconstruction. He not only plans to supply the necessary bricks for the rebuilding, but to establish his ninth brickyard in the town. There’s only one problem with his plan, he needs to convince the tenacious Willa Brown to sell him a portion of her family's land. That’s easier said than done. She counters with an unexpected offer—marriage.

When an admirer from Willa’s past appears, could it end the feelings between Willa and Harrison before they have a chance to grow? Can Willa save the family farm? Will Harrison stay in town and make a home for himself in Silverpines? And will Harrison and Willa find a way to be together, despite all the obstacles that manage to get in their way?